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Learnby7 – Learn a new way – CPD & Compliance Micro E Learning
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Micro-learning makes learning FAST. 7 minutes is all it takes. Make your content accessible so staff can be learning while on the train, having a coffee or taking a stretch break.


Automate your participation and assessment tracking. Get your results instantly! Your CPD and Compliance certificates generated on the spot from our quick assessment tool.


We all learn in a unique way - so we teach all the ways. Using gamification, repition, learning modalities, multimedia content and concept maps we engage all of the brain to make your content stick.


Our fully responsive site and content means your staff can learn anywhere. On any device. At whatever time they choose. We take away all barriers to entry for professional learning.


We design, produce and host content for organisations needing CPD or compliance learning materials. Take a look at one of our visible courses here - we don't display most programs as they are internal and confidential such as inductions, processes and technical data.
Learning in a professional environment can present many challenges: Content being text-based or inaccessible from a variety of devices. No way for learning managers to know if the content was really viewed. Assessment and participation tracking. Learner engagement. Completion rates. That's what we are out to alter with Learn by 7.